Homebrewer chats at Beervana

Pretty much every single brewery under the sun started at home, usually in someone’s garage or shed. Getting home brew right takes a bit of time and practice, and a little advice doesn’t go astray either.   BrewShop is all about providing homebrewers everything they need to put down a decent brew at home, including sharing tips and insights to get your next brew tasting great.

This year at Beervana BrewShop are joining the party, and putting on a free series of talks at Aisle 17  to help homebrewers get more out of their yeasts. Check out these short informational discussions around novel and experimental uses of Lallemand Premium active dried yeast with commercial brewers, and take your homebrewing to the next level.  Who knows, we might even see you exhibiting at Beervana in the future!

Friday AM session: 1PM Getting Hot for NovaLager TM

Join Scott from Lallemand Brewing as he discusses all things lager yeast, and talks through the background of the release of LalBrew NovaLager TM , a novel lineage of lager yeast. We will hear what makes this strain unique and potential uses for this highly versatile yeast.

Friday PM session: 8PM Singled Out with Farmhouse TM

Join Scott from Lallemand Brewing and Greig McGill, Brewer at Brewaucracy Brewery, as they discuss a collab beer brewed to showcase LalBrew Farmhouse TM and their shared love for Belgian monastic beers. We discuss how to get the most out of your Belgian yeast strains and may even be sharing samples of the beer brewed…!

Saturday AM session: 1PM Trading Places – Sequential Inoculation with Philly Sour TM and Voss TM

Join Scott from Lallemand Brewing and Ziggy Mountier, who has many years experience as a commercial innovation brewer, as they discuss a novel case example of creating a balanced tart fresh hop pale ale by sequential inoculation of two yeast strains.

Friday PM session: 8:30PM BrewShop West Coast IPA Showdown Winners Announced

BrewShop’s judges Scott from Lallemand Brewing and Greig from Brewaucracy will be assessing and announcing the winner of the BrewShop West Coast IPA Showdown live at Beervana on the Friday Evening session at 8:30pm. Join the fun and see who takes the top prize of a $500 Brewshop voucher + recipe brewed at Bootleg Brewery!