Nine Highlights from Beervana 2022

As tickets to Beervana go on sale once more, let's take a trip down memory lane to our favourite festival moments.  Read on, jog your memory and build up the FOMO to come along for 2023!

Emerson’s Stand One.

Celebrating 30 years the brewery brought everything good about Dunedin along with them to mark the occasion. A good pub, great bands, exceptional beer (how about that Reverb?) and last but not least, the hopfather himself Richard Emerson.

The Duncan’s x Mr Whippy Collab.

Once again Duncan’s brought the treats with two attention grabbing collabs.  The  Stroopwafel Pastry Stout ice cream was essentially a beer in soft serve form, and quite simply delicious. The partnership also resulted in a sweet Raspberry Ripple Float.  Duncan’s weren’t the only ones with just desserts, Boneface Brewing Co. presented a Pink Lemonade Ice cream Sour that was just as good. 


Beervana’s biggest fan made a welcome return to the festival after a two year hiatus with his best mate who happens to be in a 60s psych rock band. A true beerlover with a heart of gold Bruce was in heaven as he made the rounds and sipped on New Zealand’s finest brews after an epic roadtrip from Auckland (after flying in from California). Age ain’t nothing but a number for Bruce who in his 80s can last more Beervana sessions than whippersnappers half his age. 

Garage Project in General.

As always GP knocks it out of the park with their stadium styled stand and rockstar beers to match.  Their layered Pomegranate and Pineapple Sour was one of the beers everyone had to get their hands on. 

The Three Sisters Jailhouse.

The team themed their jailhouse around Reinheitsgebot (referencing Belgian  beer purity laws of ye olden times). Guess they didn’t comply, but fortunately for them the crime was worth the time with most of their sours selling out before sessions ended. 

Trans Tassie Treats.

It was great to welcome back visitors from Oz last year, in particular One Drop Brewing Co. (Botany NSW), Range Brewing (Newstead QLD) and Mountain Culture (Katoomba, NSW) who made the trip across the ditch to share their brews with festival goers.  Beerjeck and Carwyn Cellars also presented 12 collab brews matching Kiwi and Aussie counterparts with tasty results. 


Beervana is in peak oyster season, there were freshly shucked Mahurangi oysters going down like nobody’s business.  And, a smooth oyster porter ‘ Bullock & Barge’ from the team at Shining Peak. 

The Bermuda Triangle AKA the Mean Doses stand

Did you enter the void? The neon smoke screened nirvana of Mean Doses was attainable only while sipping on their pandan sour collab beer with Pho Mo in the black light.  

Our brand new lewk.

Inclusive, fun and a little bit weird in 2022 we gave the Beervana brand the revamp it had been waiting for.  Apparently someone loved it so much they decided to take one of our icons  home. We have intel on a little piece of Beervana branding which ended up in a flat in the Brooklyn hills.  We strongly recommend getting your hands on the merch instead.