You. Drink. This. #7 - Beervana Manager

Get to know your beer people

Welcome to Beervana's You. Drink. This, a brief, beery bloggy interlude into the lives and loves of New Zealand's beer peeps - from the brewers to the publicans, the festival managers to the beer reps, to those on the bottling line to the regulars waiting in line.

You - tell us a bit about you
Drink - what are you drinking at the moment?
This - what are you currently obsessed with?

Ryan McArthur, Beervana Manager


Ryan. Beervana Manager. Manages Beervana. Lives in Featherston. Cat, dog, chickens. 2 kids, married to a German. 


Recently welcomed Richard Emerson and Michael Donaldson to Featherston for a discussion about Michael's Biography of Richard  "The Hopfather". Richard most generously gave Michael and I each a bottle of a 10-Year-old Southern Clam Stout and the unreleased final beer in his Deafinition series (which I think is also close to 10 years old). I'm not drinking it right now but it's what I'm most excited to drink soon. At the right moment. With the right people. Otherwise, I'm a big fan of pretty traditional European styles.


Movies and Music. I'm a film obsessive and a vinyl tragic. The Black Crack fever is strong. Huge Kamahl and Nana Mouscouri fan so buying records in NZ is a super cheap hobby. You might even see me spinning some Cliff Richard 45s at Beervana...